Who we are

Not just another Reno painter.

We know you see ‘This and that painting company solutions limited LLC etc., pop up and disappear all over the place all the time. We do too. We’d like you to know that we are not one of those, and we plan on being around for a long long time. We’ve built our business and long term client relationships on it. Yes we are a painting company, but we take a different approach than most. This is about who we are, which should also reveal a bit about who we are not.

Allow me to introduce our company founders Clate Holstin and Edmar Gonzalez. You may wonder why we aren’t called Holstin Painting, or Gonzalez Painting. Well that’s because we couldn’t decide who was more important. (Just kidding)

Paint NV is more than just one person with skills and talents, Paint NV is a group... no, a family of like-minded, talented, skilled and driven people who actually enjoy doing awesome work for awesome clients. If you say to yourself, ‘What can I do today that I will be proud of tomorrow?’, you realize that all you really need to do is a good job. The rest just follows. It’s pretty simple really.

That basis has become the way we do business from start to finish, and then again, and again, and again.

Clate Holstin, Co-Founder and Estimator.

Clate has been in the paint industry for over 35 years as a painter, business owner and estimator, and has enjoyed the learning process every step of the way. Clate’s father was a professional painter, who was in the industry for 45 years. As a second generation painter, I guess you could say Clate ate, drank and breathed paint. Figuratively of course 🙂 

Being the son of a professional painter meant lots of inside tips and techniques, dos and don’ts, and of course on the job training with expectations set higher than most. All good things from Clate’s perspective. Clate considers himself fortunate to have been taught the proper ways to do his job. As Clate puts it, ‘I’m blessed to have learned from the best’.

Working for Gaylord Anderson for 11 years gave Clate the insight and skills necessary to further his career and become successful. His advice, guidance, friendship and his belief in Clate as a person gave him the confidence to succeed, and for He is forever grateful.

Clate is passionate about painting and enjoys the interaction that comes with meeting people daily. His extensive experience has helped him make the proper choices when consulting with homeowners, builders and property managers regarding their painting and carpentry projects.

Edmar Gonzalez, Co-Founder and Project Manager.

Edmar has been in the painting industry for over 16 years. Edmar has learned not only the proper techniques of residential and commercial painting, but also the dynamics of people from their drive, to their working styles, to individual skills, to personality and temperament. 

This dynamic is important when it comes to projects where several things need to happen at once, while you’re team remains strong, focused, motivated and driven. His ability to see through the job before it unfolds, and how each team member compliments the next, is an invaluable skill. 

Being detail oriented plays well into the skillset, allowing Edmar to manage projects to the very end, making sure all the details are addressed, from homeowner preferences, to timeline, to finish.

Our team, your team, our family.

We are not Paint NV without our talented, skilled, and all around great team of painters and cabinet finishers. This family of hard workers is what makes our amazing painting business the best in town. Strong, motivated, honest and positive thinking, our team looks out for one another and our clients alike. They share in our philosophy of doing things right and giving 100% all the time. When everyone is focused on the same goal, you find you can lean on one another with the shared purpose of doing a job you and the client can be proud of.